Bellows Repair Service
We can repair your defective LeCoultre Atmos clock bellows.
Defective Bellows - Gas Has Leaked Out.
Good Bellows

If your Atmos clock is not winding itself, it most likely needs the bellows repaired.
We will repair your Atmos clock bellows and recharge it with the original type gas.
We will electronically test your bellows for leaks.

We will guarantee this repair for 6 months.

Testing Your Bellows
Bellows Housing Removed From Clock

Test your bellows by measuring the depth in the center of the large hole in the bellows housing.
A good bellows will measure 22mm to 28mm at 70 degrees F.
A defective bellows will meassure 33mm to 40mm at 70 degress F.

A good bellows ouside of the housing will measure 50mm to 70mm tall at 70 degress F.

Ordering Information

Repair cost is $100.00 per bellows.
United States(48 States) buyers pay $12.00 for return shipping and insurance.
International buyers pay actual return shipping and insurance charges plus any paypal commission fees.
Do not send entire clock. - Buyer must remove bellows from clock.
Please allow 2-3 weeks for repair.
Make sure bellows is defective before sending.

Please send only the bellows and not the housing.
If your bellows tests good, you will be charged a $5.00 handling fee + return shipping charges.

Send bellows and $100.00 + $12.00 return shipping charges to($112.00 total):
(Make checks payable to Jeffrey Kitz)
Jeffrey Kitz
P O Box 1267
Eagle River, WI 54521